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Conexus Partner with One Eighty Advisory

We recently welcomed Alisdair Bach of One Eighty Advisory to our Cardiff HQ. This session was the first of an on-going quarterly deep dive review of the latest areas of innovation in the SAP ecosystem.

Alisdair and the Conexus team discussed the on-going challenge of disruption caused by NetZero, the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and a looming global recession, and how our SAP clients can gain value and advantage by continuing to invest in SAP.

The focus of the session was not on technology, but on business value derived through the best of class business models and operating models delivered by SAP, enabled by the move to the cloud and hyper-scaler platforms. 

Conexus in partnership with One Eighty Advisory are supporting existing SAP customers that are experiencing issues landing or stabilising their SAP transformation.

As experts in digital transformation talent solutions, we can provide clients with an independent objective fixed price forensic SAP solution and delivery review that pinpoints the destabilising areas of risk and provide a rapid turnaround recovery plan. We can also provide our clients with a complimentary Q&A service provided by Alisdair at One Eighty.

With unrivalled industry knowledge and years of digital transformation recruitment experience, we’re helping drive advances in businesses and in careers. It’s why tech professionals come to us, and why clients choose us as long-term partners.

Contact ustoday for more information on how we can partner with you for success.