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International Women's Day 2022

​It’s no secret that women are underrepresented within the world of tech. A 2021 study found that women made up just 25.5% of the tech workforce in the UK. This International Women's Day is an important day to highlight this and pledge to work towards changing this statistic and breaking the bias.

At Conexus, we’re constantly working towards promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, with women holding various positions across the business, from consultants to managers and marketers.

We sat down with our Business Development Manager, Josie, to get an insight into her experience as a woman in our industry.

How did you find yourself working in tech?

I moved to Barcelona, and with it being a big tech hub, I moved straight into a company who provides IT Sales & Marketing to leading Tech companies. I was very quickly integrated into the teams at these companies, but more importantly, became much more exposed to the huge opportunity (and challenges) that come with the industry. This is where I began growing my network and actually made some really great connections and have learnt a lot from other women in the field (both in my direct team, management, and within the companies that were my clients).

What advice would you give to women who are considering a career in tech?

We all have something to bring to the table, and tech is such a huge space to really branch out and make use of your skills, but it also continues to grow and offer different avenues. I have met many successful and inspirational women in tech, and I’d love to see that continue.

What do you enjoy most about your role as Business Development Manager at Conexus?

Amongst many things I’d say that getting to know the market even deeper, taking that insight into businesses whilst understanding what really drives them and how we can support their growth. The partnership we look for is to become an extension of our clients teams, whilst finding the best fitted opportunity for our candidates - the people aspect of that is extremely important and I really enjoy it.

What does a typical working day look like for you?

I am constantly connecting with a variety of different profiles in the tech space, from director/c level right through to the tech teams and people that are the engine of each of these businesses. I focus my time on understanding the current goals and projects of individuals or companies (in both prospective and existing partnerships), in terms of tech recruitment, and linking that back into the specialised recruitment focus that we have across the industry (SAP, Cyber, Data, Engineering, Supply Chain, etc.). Ultimately, we are connecting growing companies with the right talent, and it’s key that we understand the needs down to the finest detail to get that right.

Do you think the tech industry has changed for women since you started your career?

It’s been 4+ years since I started, and I’d say that I definitely notice the increasing number of women in tech, not just at one level but actually throughout the chain. What’s also really great is that I see companies really driving to encourage that diversity, and valuing it. I’m responsible for the Barcelona hub for Conexus and have an exciting path ahead of me, with the business, which is an example amongst many showing there are no limits.

Have you faced challenges in this professional based on your gender?

I can’t say I’ve personally faced challenges; I’ve had a very positive journey to date. As much as the tech industry does feel more male dominated, I haven’t felt this to be of any detriment to my professional career.

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