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The Importance of Equal Opportunity - Women in Tech with FWCIO's Severine Stroppiana

Conexus' principal consultant Yaingy Chanpresents the second instalment of our Women in Tech series. This feature, Yaingy is in conversation with CIO & Senior IS Consultant Severine STROPPIANA.

With a deep-rooted passion for diversity and inclusion, Yaingy has poured her dedication and hard work into this initiative, recognising the crucial role of women in digital and technology professions. At Conexus, we aim to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of female leaders across various technical roles.

Women In Tech serves as a testament to our commitment to highlighting the important work of the female workforce as they continue to shape and innovate within the tech industry.

As a member of FrenchWomenCIO, Stroppiana outlines the importance of encouraging women to take up space from a young age and to not be advised away from or put off by male-dominated industries. By breaking the mould, more women can lead the way and give young women something to aspire to. Stroppiana discusses her own journey in her career and adversities faced, and how we all share a responsibility to uplift women working in and desiring to work in tech.

Watch the full interview below.

If you're a female leader in the technology industry, we want to hear from you. Your journey is uniquely yours, and we want to hear about it! Your story could be the game-changer someone needs as they take the plunge into the world of tech.
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