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Conexus: storming ahead in 2021

​Starting a business isn’t easy, but starting from scratch and launching alongside a pandemic…harder still. Despite the turbulence of 2020, Conexus kept true to the mission and carried on, establishing new client accounts, hiring new talent, and developing our brand in its first year of life.

Starting 2021, we had our heads held high ready to take Conexus into its second year and next stage, and we are excited to say that the first 7 months of 2021 have seen the business go from strength to strength. We have pitched and won a series of international accounts and as a result we have been able to hire an additional team of 10 new hires.

Our hires from 2021 include consultants who have already hit the Conexus career ladder in their stride and reached the next step in their careers along with the associated pay rises, as well as associate consultants straight out of university achieving their first deals within their first month.

We were also thrilled to promote Thomas Parry to Principal Consultant following his expert management of the international Glovo account. Congratulations were also due for Thomas Southgate for flying through his probation as Client Services Director with impressive results. We have also started to establish our Contract offering with the hiring of Matthew Hudd as Client Services Director, and have built out the Conexus board with non-exec director Richard Thomas, founder and formerly of Pro-clinical staffing.

Thanks to the fantastic work from all the team, as well as the guidance and steering from the Conexus board of directors, we have big plans for the second half of 2021 and beyond. These include:

  • A brand new HQ to hold 75 people, coming January 2022 and based in the heart of our home town city, Cardiff, Wales

  • We’re launching our first international office in Barcelona along with the hiring of our new team member Josie Bushrod, Business Development Manager (Barcelona)

  • Growth plans to take us through to 2024 which includes new Conexus offices opening in Zurich and New York

To say thank you for all of their hard work, Conexus have a stormer of an incentive plan in place for a trip abroad. Working in tiers depending on the targets hit, if we continue with our current financial success, we’ll be hitting the end goal of a trip to Barcelona by the end of the year.

Conexus are thrilled to see the continued success story of our Welsh home-grown business, that operates on an international scale, and we can’t wait to see the new opportunities this opens up for local talent, as well as the opportunities we can develop abroad.

Want to join us on this journey? To find out about business opportunities and vacancies at Conexus:

Connor Wall

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