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Discovery, interpretation & communication lifecycle. Data science, business intelligence, master data, analysis, governance & visualisation.

Industry-wide reliance on data is at an all-time high. Businesses are getting back to basics; defining their purpose, scrutinising all aspects of their operations and finding better ways to do things. And data is the foundation for this, informing the day-to-day and strategic decisions that gear businesses up to succeed.

It's a hugely exciting time for data and analytics specialists, as companies continue to invest in the people and technologies that will arm them with vital commercial and organisational knowledge. From identifying problems in service delivery, to predicting industry trends, an effective analytics function is worth its weight in gold.

Our team has huge experience across the data and analytics space, recruiting for jobs in data science, business intelligence, Power BI, master data, data governance, data visualisation, machine learning, AI, and robotic process automation. We connect talented professionals with the businesses that need them. And every connection is rooted in meticulous attention to clients’ business aims and candidates’ capabilities and ambitions.

To talk about filling a data and analytics position in your organisation, or about finding your next role.

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    I have been involved in multiple recruitment processes in the last two years, in large and small companies, in different parts of the world. This is the first time I have been so positively impressed that I think it is worth sharing in writing. Conexus ​motivated me throughout the whole process, explaining in detail each step of the process, its objectives and then giving me useful and enthusiastic feedback.

    Senior Data Engineer
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    In the last two months of my job search, my Conexus contact was the most professional and dedicated recruiter I have had the pleasure of connecting with, hands down. 

    Data Engineer

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Connor Wall

Connor Wall

Founder & Global Managing Director