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Conexus' Cyclathon for Disability Sports Wales

Embarking on the Next Leg of our Journey: onwards to Munich

After last year's CSR fundraiser where we cycled the equivalent distance between our UK HQ to our newly opened Barcelona office, we are ready to continue our efforts and put our "athlete's approach to everything" value into action.

Barcelona to Munich

This year, we have chosen Munich as the next destination to work towards. We’ll be covering the distance from Barcelona to Munich as a team at our local UFIT gym. With Barcelona being the destination for 2022 as we’d just opened our latest office there, we’ve landed on Munich as our next destination as the city has been a hotspot for us this year where we've made the most placements in 2023.

From the 6th to the 8th of October, our team will be covering 1373.2km in a thrilling cyclathon. But this isn't just an endurance test for us; it's a meaningful initiative to support a cause we deeply believe in.

Supporting Disability Sports Wales

Our CSR efforts have always been guided by a desire to make a local impact and align with our core values. This year, we've chosen to support Disability Sports Wales, a charity close to our business's roots and reflective of our commitment to an "athlete's approach to everything". Disability Sports Wales works tirelessly to transform lives through the power of sport, and we are proud to support them.

Our fundraising target for this event is a minimum of £1373.20, symbolically linking our goal with the kilometres we will be cycling. Every kilometre covered and every penny raised will contribute towards creating more accessible and inclusive sports opportunities for individuals with disabilities in Wales.

Join Us in Making a Difference

The success of the Conexus Community CSR initiative last year has fuelled our drive to continue making a positive impact. Whether you are donating, spreading the word, or simply cheering us on, we appreciate all the support given.

As we pedal our way through the distance equivalent of Barcelona to Munich, we aim to be promoting inclusivity, physical and mental health, and championing local causes to our Cardiff based business.

A big thank you to Disability Sports Wales and for everything they do. We can’t wait to work together on raising awareness and donations. ​

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Stay tuned to our social media channels, LinkedIn & Instagram, for updates on our progress.